Grill Menu & Pizzas



Crispy Mushrooms $5.99
Mozzarella Sticks $5.99
Crispy Pickles $4.99
Chips & Nacho Cheese $3.69
Pound Of Fries $3.99
Crispy Cheddar Cauliflower $5.99
Funnel Sticks $3.39
Onion Petals $5.99
Mini-Tacos (12) w/Picante $5.99
Dipping Sauce 50¢
Ranch or Jalapeno Ranch 75¢
Cup of Cheese $1.00


Prices do not include sales tax


Boneless Wings   (6)   $6.29    (12)   $10.79   (18)   $15.29
2 pc Chicken Tender  $3.99    (Basket  $5.99)
4 pc Chicken Tender  $6.99    (Basket  $8.99)

Each wing and tender order comes with a cup of dipping sauces – BBQ, Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Ranch, Jalapeno Ranch, Honey Mustard

Prices do not include sales tax.



1/2 lb Hamburger         $6.79       (Basket   $8.79)
1/2 lb Cheeseburger    $7.59      (Basket   $9.59)
Add Bacon                   $1.50

Available Veggies/Condiments – pickles, jalapenos, ketchup, mustard and mayo

Prices do not include sales tax.


16″ Cheese                                $17.99
7″ Single Topping Pizza           $6.99
7″ Cheese Pizza                          $5.99
Additional toppings  add  $2.00  (Hamburger, Pepperoni, Sausage are available)

Pizza Pitcher Combo (16″ One Topping Pizza + Pitcher of Pop): $21.99

Prices do not include sales tax.



Premiums (16 oz draws and 12 oz bottles)    $3.50
Domestics (16oz draws and 12 oz bottles)    $3.00
Other Craft Bottles                                           $3.00 and up

Prices INCLUDE sales tax.

Soft Drinks

Small (16 oz) $1.75
Medium (24 oz) $2.25
Large (32 oz) $2.75
Refills $1.00
Pitcher $4.75
Cup of Water 23¢

Prices do not include sales tax


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