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Teen Parties at Papio Bowl

Teens Vote Bowling Birthday Parties #1. When you’re looking for a birthday party place in PapillionPapio Bowl is your party headquarters.

We understand that home birthday parties are a lot of work: picking a birthday theme, getting party invitations, decorating for the party, cooking, entertaining during the party, and then cleaning up after the guests leave!

Additional Party Information

Outside food and beverages are not permitted at Papio Bowl except when purchasing a birthday party packages.   In which case, you may bring in cake, cookies and ice cream to make the celebration complete!  Balloons and candles are permitted!

We have four cafeteria tables available for use during your birthday party. One table per party may be reserved for $15.00/tax with parties. 

For the safety of all children, it is important that parents make sure that due care is used on the approach and around the ball returns. Hands should never been put in the ball return.  Food, beverages and other items that may dirty the floor must not be take down the steps to the approach.  To avoid balls being dropped and causing injury, it is safest to keep all children up the steps and off the approach until is the child’s turn to bowl.

Reservations are available on Saturday and Sunday at 12:00pm.  Reservations are also available for other days of the week when leagues are not bowling.

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